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Compact digital liquid flowmeter suits any HPLC pump

Featuring a single-chip microcontroller and accurate to ± 1% of calibrated flow rates, the lightweight 12-oz HPLC liquid flowmeter supports FDA compliance for IQ, OQ and PQ validations on any HPLC pump. The flowmeter is designed to be faster and more accurate than using timers while manually collecting fluid for gravimetric or volumetric measurement in calibrating HPLC pump flow rates. Flows from 0.05 to 25 milliliters per minute are independent of liquid type up to a 10 centipoise viscosity. Rates rounded to four digits are displayed on a backlit LCD while complete data rounded to a full 6-digit reading are output via a built-in RS232 interface.

The flowmeter is shipped with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate at 1.0 milliliter per minute or customers can specify standard 3-point calibrations of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 milliliters per minute.



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