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Cell sorter enables multi-colour flow cytometry studies

Next-generation cell sorter has expanded sorting capabilities along with numerous laser options. A range of software components also enhances instrument functionality. Complex, multi-colour sorting is enabled by seven pinholes that spatially separate each of the seven lasers. Auto start-up allows the researcher to define when lasers and fluidics turn on, saving valuable time. The multi-fiber beam shaping optic creates flat-top beam profiles, providing short alignment times and high-level optic stability. Two stages control the alignment for all seven lasers to simplify sorter preparation.

Beckman Coulter’s IntelliSort II is a bead-less drop delay determination and monitoring system. Camera images and proprietary algorithms determine optimal drop delay without fluorescent beads being incorporated in the sample line. A quick-release nozzle design enables easy removal or swapping of the nozzle body and tip through the use of a single lever.

Beckman Coulter


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