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Cell growth promoted with large surface area

Constructed in ultra-pure grade polystyrene, the Krystal 24 microplates are tissue culture treated to ensure optimal cell growth and attachment. Offering 24 high volume (3.1ml) wells in an industry standard 96-well plate footprint, these microplates provide a large surface area per well, enabling unmatched cell growth. Suitable for cell culture, cloning, viral titration, and cell fusion, they are fully compatible with all commercially available plate readers, robotic sample processors and automated liquid handling systems. The design also provides the convenience of direct measurements on bottom reading spectrophotometers and inverted microscopes. For sensitive fluorescence measurements the black Krystal 24 plate provides the all-absorbing background needed to minimise background interference. The opaque white Krystal 24 plate maximises reflectivity enabling even weakly emitting luminescence assays to be routinely undertaken.

Porvair Sciences Ltd

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