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Calibration for trace sulfur on-line

Effective calibration for ‘total sulfur’ often requires a mix of compounds where the concentration of each compound is known. Span Pac 261 I, dual channel, industrial permeation system produces suitable standards for these requirements. One channel is operated at 40°C and is used for ppb COS plus 0.5ppm each of H2S, methyl and ethyl mercaptans. The second channel is typically operated at 60°C and is used for similar concentrations of dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide and/or thiophene.

Housed in a NEMA 4 cabinet this unit is available with Div 2 or Div 1 purge package for hazardous area service. Oven temperatures and permeation tubes are selected to suit the application.

KIN-TEK Laboratories, Inc.

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