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Breathable pouches minimize fiber tears

Offering puncture protection and abrasion resistance, these Peelable and Header styled breathable pouches feature a clean peelability that helps minimize fiber tears and particulate release. The Peelable pouches are available in sizes ranging from 13 inch x 15 inch to 24 inch x 30 inch with the white side made of uncoated medical-grade Tyvek and the clear side made of PET and 2 mil LDPE. These pouches feature an easily accessible unprinted corner peel and are suitable for ETO, Gamma, and E-Beam sterilization. The header styled are available in sizes ranging from 10 inch x 15 inch to 19 inch x 30 inch, including the lip of the bag. They are made of 4 mil LLDPE with a 1073B heat-seal coated Tyvek header and are suitable for ETO and Gamma sterilization.


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