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BeadChips make genotyping accessible

The Infinium HumanCore BeadChips family of products enable genotyping of markers found across diverse populations, making them suitable for researchers engaged in population genetics studies around the world. Designed specifically to make genotyping accessible to a wider range of researchers and laboratories, these powerful, cost-effective arrays combine affordability and high-throughput sample processing using the industry’s best multi-sample array. The high-quality, genome-wide information they deliver can be used for a variety of downstream applications. They include content important for disease research, including association studies and copy number variant discovery and analysis and feature highly-informative, genome-wide tag SNPs and additional high value markers such as indels and updated exome-focused content. The higher density Infinium HumanCoreExome BeadChip provides that same valuable core content, along with informative markers from the popular HumanExome BeadChip.

Illumina, Inc.

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