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Automated biological sample card punching

To minimizes human error and enable high-throughput sample preparation for a variety of applications, Hamilton Robotics, in collaboration with GE Healthcare Life Sciences, developed the easyPunch STARlet workstation. Suitable for forensic reference databasing as well as pre-clinical and clinical drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and toxicology studies, it is a fully automated system integrating sample card punching and liquid handling into one workflow. It is based on the Hamilton Robotics Microlab STARlet platform and features two special modules and robotic arms for transporting and punching paper cards. The samples are monitored by tracking software to eliminate any chance of sample identification errors. The entire process is tracked using imaging recognition. Proprietary software, based on industrial machine vision technology, provides complete control and monitoring of the punching process. The software recognizes the position and size of the card, identifies the sample by reading the barcode, and determines the punch area. The workstation also takes a picture of the target well to ensure the punch has arrived in the designated well.

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