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Atomic scale dynamic imaging processes

Enabling time-resolved, in-situ studies of processes and materials exposed to reactive gases and elevated temperatures the Titan ETEM G2 is suitable for developers of energy and environmental products, such as catalysts, fuel cells and nanomaterials who need to study the relationships between structure and performance by observing atomic scale processes and gas-solid interactions under conditions that mimic the operational environment.

This environmental transmission electron microscope (ETEM) can be fitted with an image Cs corrector and FEI’s proprietary X-FEG and monochromator technology. Other features include a redesigned user interface that provides switching between ETEM and high vacuum modes and full software control of all operational parameters. The gas inlet system allows operators to safely add inert or reactive gases to the chamber at preset pressures from 10-3 Pa up to 2000 Pa (N2).


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