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Assay enables high throughput measurement of cell invasion

The 3D Culture 96-Well BME* Cell Invasion Assay addresses the growing need for more complete and physiologically predictive cancer invasion models. Invasive migration is a fundamental function underlying cellular processes such as angiogenesis, embryonic development, immune response, metastasis, and invasion of cancer cells. This assay offers a flexible, standardized, high-throughput format for quantitating the degree to which invasive cells in 3D spheroid cultures penetrate a barrier consisting of basement membrane  components in response to chemo attractants and/or inhibiting compounds.

There is growing evidence that tumour cell aggregates or spheroids provide a more representative model of tumours in vivo than can be achieved with conventional adherent monolayers. Such spheroids exhibit several relevant physiological traits including similar morphology, the formation of cell-cell bonds, decreased proliferation rates, increased cell survival, tumour dormancy, and a hypoxic core. Applying this model to in a 3D culture invasion assay provides a more physiological approach for assessing tumour invasion and providing a visual component that can be quantitated through image analysis.

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