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Application facilitates large-scale stem-cell production

Successful application of the Mobius CellReady 3 L single-use bioreactor for large-scale production of human stem cells on collagen-microcarriers facilitates large-scale production at up to one-third the cost per dose compared to cells grown in flat culture stacks. Routine expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) has shown consistent production with cell yields up to 700 million cells in 2.8L after 14 days of growth. The bioreactor combines the predictability of a stirred tank design with the flexibility of single-use, making it the ideal solution for bench scale cell culture process development. It integrates with most standard bioreactor controller configurations via a motor adapter. The bioreactor probe ports fit standard 12 mm probes, and it is compatible with most standard 3L heating blankets. EMD Millipore

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