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Animal transfer station provides protection and allergen control

The AniGARD e3 animal transfer station (ATS) features partially recirculated vertical airflow and a unique momentum air curtain design that will protect both personnel from occupational hazards (allergens) and animals from contamination. The ISO Class 4 (Class 10) clean bench also increases productivity through an improved user experience.

Animal transfer and bedding dumping generate high quantities of allergens, and this transfer station presents animal researchers with a way to maintain product and personnel protection. Product protection meets NSF 49 requirements for biosafety cabinets, and the allergen control is high. Research shows personnel protection approaches requirements set forth by NSF 49 as well.

This product has slanted view screens on three sides and a well-lit workspace that reduces eyestrain for users. With an adjustable height and a 12-inch knee space, the clean bench is versatile enough for users to stand or sit comfortably. The access openings are generously sized, allowing cages to be moved in and out quickly.

The Baker Company

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