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8-Channel temperature recorder for any budget

Featuring a 16-bit ADC and a programmable input range, the LPTM-1 Temperature Data Logger is suited to any project where precise and accurate measurements are critical, such as science and laboratory applications. This unit is an 8-channel, battery-powered, stand-alone thermocouple data logger that has seven external input channels to accommodate all types of external thermocouple probes. It records ambient temperature using an internal temperature sensor. The device can also be used as a small voltage data logger with the input voltage range as small as -8 mV to +8 mV. Small and lightweight, they have a rugged aluminum enclosure and conformal coating PCB. Users can create their own customizable temperature monitoring systems with these economical devices that have large 4MB memory capacity, and over 10 years of battery life.

Microedge Instruments Inc.

LPTM-1 Temperature Data Logger

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