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Researchers awarded $2M to develop cleaner oilsands technology

Saskatoon, SK – Funding of $2 million is supporting development of a new oilsands technology at the University of Saskatchewan Toxicology Centre.

Led by environmental toxicologist John Giesy, the team is working with the International Petroleum & Environmental Recovery Company (IPERC) to further develop IPERC’s technology, San-Tek 2000. The technology separates bitumen from oilsands and minimizes water and energy use in the extraction process. The groups hope the technology will reduce both economic and environmental costs of oilsands development.

San-Tek 2000 has already proved effective in a lab setting. The University of Saskatchewan-led team plans to bring the technology up to pilot plant stage to determine if it can be scaled up to serve the needs of full industrial production.

Under the agreement, the federal and provincial governments are each providing $1,017,850. The University of Saskatchewan is contributing $274,000 in-kind.