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Research projects get $36.3M boost at University of Western Ontario

London, ON April 10, 2003 Forty-nine research initiatives at the University of Western Ontario and Robarts Research Institute have received a total of C$36.3 million in funding announced today by the Ontario government.

Through the Ontario Innovation Trust, the university will receive $27.9 million and Robarts Research Institute will receive $8.4 million.

The 49 projects supported through this investment are in the fields of health care, manufacturing, and protection of the environment. Examples of projects receiving funding include Robarts Research Institute’s work in new technologies using 3-D virtual imaging to help doctors perform less invasive and traumatic surgeries. The project brings the knowledge and expertise of engineering and robotics together with neurosurgery.

“The OIT’s investments will make it possible for our researchers to make tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs a reality,” says Dr Mark Poznansky, president and scientific director at Robarts Research Institute. “These breakthroughs will change many lives for the better.”

The investment will also support projects at the University of Western Ontario, such as the development of new, high quality powder coating or painting techniques that are environmentally friendly and will have significant impact on the automotive and transport sectors.

“These investments are vital to enabling our researchers to continue to excel in innovative research and scientific discovery,” says Dr Nils Petersen, vice-president (research) at the university.

The Ontario Innovation Trust works with the federal government’s Canada Foundation of Innovation. Through this partnership, the investment in innovation research is virtually doubled, and provides a national strategy to build a culture of innovation.