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R&D funding supports new fuel development

Vancouver, BC March 28, 2003 Gaseous fuel developer Westport Innovations has been awarded a strategic project investment of C$18.9 million from Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) to support the development of high-performance low-emissions engines. The funding was announced by the Honourable Herb Dhaliwal, Minister of Natural Resources, on behalf of Industry Canada.

The funding is conditionally repayable beginning in fiscal 2007. The funds will contribute to approximately one-third of the research and development costs of Westport’s vehicle programs over the next several years.

“We’re honoured to be selected by the Government of Canada to be part of our country’s Climate Change solution," says David Demers, Westport’s president and chief executive officer. "This investment will allow us to develop and launch world-leading transportation solutions that will make a material impact on the environment.”

The Westport-Cycle technology allows a new diesel engine to operate on a gaseous fuel, such as natural gas or hydrogen, while retaining the power and fuel efficiency of diesel. Operating with Westport-Cycle technology, the company says a natural gas-powered, heavy-duty truck typically produces 60% less particulate matter and 40% less oxides of nitrogen, both of which are linked to lung diseases, and up to 25% less greenhouse gases than a similarly equipped diesel fuel engine.