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Pittcon 2007 announces move from New Orleans to Chicago

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Conference announced today that Pittcon 2007 will be moved from New Orleans to Chicago. The dates of the event are February 25 to March 1, 2007. At the same time, the committee confirmed its commitment to return the conference to New Orleans in 2008 as planned.

With over 20,000 attendees and 1,100 exhibitors, Pittcon is the largest annual scientific meeting of its kind. The conference provides an annual forum for scientists to present research in a wide range of scientific disciplines-including, materials sciences, biotechnology, environmental sciences, pharmaceutical science, and homeland security. The exposition further provides an opportunity for manufacturers to demonstrate the latest advances in scientific instrumentation.

Before announcing its decision, the Pittcon committee met with the New Orleans Convention Bureau officials, various local civic and business leaders, and visited the city in person to assess city infrastructure, safety, transportation, housing, and hospitality.

“Despite considerable progress in rebuilding its infrastructure and revitalizing support services, New Orleans continues to face significant marketing challenges in rebuilding its image,” says Kevin McKaveney, Pittcon president and chairman of the board. “We believe that moving Pittcon 2007 to Chicago will give New Orleans adequate time to reshape its image and pave the way for a successful return in 2008.”

“Historically, New Orleans has been a very successful host city for Pittcon and it was with great reluctance that we made the decision to move the Conference in 2007. We look forward to working with New Orleans throughout the coming year and returning in 2008,” he adds.

This year, Pittcon 2006 is taking place in Orlando from March 12-17. More information can be found at