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Ontario Science Centre on the lookout for new material

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Science Centre is looking for new material, literally. The facility opened a brand new Innovation Centre last week, which includes over 50 experiences, many of which are related to material science. The exhibits goal is to inspire interest in advanced materials such as aerogel, nitinol, ferrofluid and biocomposites, and allows visitors to explore their properties and potential.

The exhibit creates playful experiences that connect the participant to the various properties and unexpected possibilities of materials. For example, it allows them to make a pair of shoes out of leftover materials, race irons with a variety of surfaces and interchangeable bases, and choreograph ferrofluid dances with music. The exhibit also includes large display areas with advanced materials for visitors to touch, view and study.

The centre has put out the call to material scientists across Canada who are interested in donating physical samples and audiovisuals. The need for these presentation materials is ongoing. For more details, please contact