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Novel vaccine development gets funding

Moncton, NB – New Brunswick’s provincial government is contributing $165,000 to the Beausejour Medical Research Institute (BMRI) for developmental work regarding a new approach to vaccine development.

The funding will be used to support the proof of concept work regarding a new approach to vaccine development that could result in cost-savings related to human disease management. It could also have a broader application to species of regional interest in the aquaculture and agricultural sectors.

“There’s a real and growing need for solutions to society’s health-care challenges," says Dr Rodney Ouellette, CEO and scientific director of BMRI. “We anticipate that this novel concept has the potential to revolutionize disease management in aquaculture, agriculture, and human medicine."

Created in 1998, the BMRI is a private, non-profit company that has grown into Atlantic Canada’s largest cancer research cluster. The institute employs more than 30 people, including top scientists from around the world, in fields ranging from genetics and immunology to molecular biology and bioinformatics.