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Newly launched $1M grant supports ALS research

Markham, ON – ALS Canada has launched a $1 million grant, in efforts to accelerate a discovery for a therapeutic breakthrough for the terminal disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The grant, named after one of the co-founding members of the organization, Arthur J. Hudson, hones in on translational research – the pathway that bridges basic and clinical research and takes on a collaborative approach amongst world-leading ALS researchers to transport potential therapies into clinical trials.

“The Arthur J. Hudson Translational Team Grant will unite the top researchers and clinicians in the country to collaborate on a project designed to accelerate the movement of laboratory discoveries to the clinic,” said Dr. David Taylor, research director for ALS Canada. “ALS Canada has built a world-class research community and this new program is designed to maximize utilization of that group’s collective knowledge to ultimately benefit our clients living with ALS to have a better quality of life as soon as possible.”

ALS Canada says it is now accepting applications from teams of independent investigators from multiple independent institutions proposing a translational research approach.  All applications will be reviewed by an internationally renowned panel comprised of leading researchers to ensure only the top echelon of research is funded. Researchers can apply at and funding for approved projects begins in 2015.