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New biotech company’s research targets obesity and diabetes

Toronto, ON June 24, 2003 The University of Toronto’s Innovations Foundation, has announced the creation of CELLutions Biosystems, a Toronto-based biotechnology company that is developing biological tools for scientific analysis and drug development.

The university says the newly formed company has an initial product line to treat patients with obesity, diabetes and neurological based diseases.

CELLutions Biosystems’ research has led to the development of a cell model that will facilitate accurate, replicable tests on the hypothalamus a region of the brain that controls diverse neurological processes controlling basic human functions including feeding, stress, and behaviour.

"CELLutions is a distinctive organization that will provide innovative research tools to advance both academic research and biotechnology endeavors in North America and around the world," says Adi Treasurywala, the company’s president and CEO. "Our initial product line, immortalized hypothalamic cell lines, is an invaluable tool that can be used in the discovery, development, and validation of new therapeutics targeted to central-nervous system diseases, obesity, and metabolic disorders."

Research began last year, and CELLutions was established by the Innovations Foundation and Dr Denise Belsham in an effort to commercialize the expanding portfolio of cell lines and other biological reagents developed at the University of Toronto and other academic institutions and teaching hospitals.

CELLutions is currently establishing partnerships with leading academic centres and biotechnology organizations, providing the company with proprietary research tools, as well as development, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities.