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McGill professor wins L’Oral Skin Grant 2002

Montral, QC May 29, 2003 L’Oral Canada announced today that the 2002 L’Oral Skin Grant in the amount of 45,000 (C$73,280) has been awarded to Dr Anie Philip, associate director plastic surgery research at the McGill University Health Centre

Every year, in collaboration with La Socit Franaise de Dermatologie and La Socit de Recherche Dermatologique, L’Oral awards the L’Oral Skin Grant to a scientist in order to finance a research project in the field of clinical research or basic research on normal skin and hair physiology.

The amount of the grant is determined on an annual basis and recipients must be scientists working in the areas of dermatology or cosmetology. The grant is open to candidates from all over the world.

The grant recipient is chosen by a jury made up of five members: two representatives from L’Oral Recherche, a member of the Board of Governors of La Socit Franaise de Dermatologie, a member of the Scientific Committee of La Socit Franaise de Dermatologie and a member of La Socit de Recherche Dermatologique.

The research of Dr Philip, who is also an assistant professor in the department of surgery at McGill University and associate director, division of surgical research, graduate programme, involves the study of the role of TGF-beta in skin tissue repair and homeostasis. More specifically, the research will focus on identifying molecules that may regulate the synthesis and activation of TGF-betaisoforms. These agents can be used to promote repair and reduce scarring.

Since 1980s, L’Oral has awarded a L’Oral Prize every year to a scientist for his or her contribution to cosmetic or dermatological research. In 1999, the L’Oral Prize was replaced by the L’Oral Skin Grant. The grant is intended to support scientific researchers working in the areas of normal skin and hair physiology.