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Genome Canada’s founding president and CEO steps down

Ottawa, ON – Dr Martin Godbout, Genome Canada’s founding president and CEO, is stepping down following ten years of service, to return to the private sector and pursue other opportunities in the genomics field.

“Through his vision and inspiration, Martin has guided Canada’s involvement in genomics and proteomics research from concept to reality,” says Dr C Thomas Caskey, MD, Genome Canada’s board chair. “The achievements of Genome Canada scientists will have lasting scientific impact.”

Over the past decade, Dr Godbout has created a global presence through Genome Canada where Canadian scientists can participate in ground-breaking international research. With the help of a strong Genome Canada team, he secured over $840 million in funding from the federal government, which has resulted in the leveraging of close to $1 billion in leading-edge genomics and proteomics research across Canada.

“I have been honoured to work for a unique organization that represented the interests of the Canadian genomics and proteomics research community over the past 10 years.” said Dr Godbout.

The board of directors has appointed a transition team made up of a committee of the board and management personnel. The team will oversee the management and operations of Genome Canada activities as well as the process for the ultimate appointment of a new president and CEO.