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Gas-leak instrument passes phase one of lab tests

Edmonton, AB – Technology development company Synodon says it has successfully completed the first phase of laboratory testing with its field-deployable instrument for sensing natural gas pipeline leaks. The test results confirmed the ability of the instrument to detect ethane gas down to the concentration levels it was designed for. The company says this sets the stage for field testing of the technology over the next few months.

Adrian Banica, president and CEO of Synodon said: “Through these tests we have demonstrated that the full-scale commercial instrument can achieve the type of performance predicted by our theoretical models and laboratory prototype results. Preparations for field trials are well on their way and we expect to report on the results this fall.”

The company is developing an advanced natural gas pipeline leak detection system based on correlation spectroscopy technologies developed under the Canadian Space Program and by Synodon scientists. The project has received financial support from a number of federal government programs.