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Feds announce $179M for nationwide health research projects

Ottawa, ON – March 1, 2004 – The federal government has announced funding of $179 million for 437 research projects across Canada to be carried out over periods of one to five years.

Selected to exemplify CIHR’s comprehensive, problem-based approach to funding health research, the projects address the full spectrum of health research – from genetics to access to health services – and include such priority areas as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and emerging health threats.

“Today’s announcement is an example of CIHR’s commitment to investing in high-quality people and outstanding, innovative science,” says Dr Alan Bernstein, president of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). “I believe health research is central to Canada’s future, as it sits squarely at the crossroads of personal health, public health, innovation and economic growth.”

The number of projects and funding allocated for each province, is listed below:

Alberta, 55 projects, total: $22,786,516; British Columbia, 35 projects, total: $10,682,007; Manitoba, 11 projects, total: $4,092,550; Newfoundland, 5 projects, total: $2,144,771; Nova Scotia, 13 projects, total: $5,537,775; Ontario, 183 projects, total: $80,843,159; Prince Edward Island, 1 projects, total: $282,414; Quebec, 127 projects, total: $51,339,913; Saskatchewan, 7 projects, total: $1,685,808; Grand total, 437 projects, total: $$179,394,913

The dollar figures represent funding of individual projects for one to six years.