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Federal labs to be upgraded, modernized

Ottawa, ON – Numerous National Research Council (NRC) laboratories across Canada are receiving a total of $19 million for upgrades and modernization, the federal government said today.

“This program is addressing important maintenance issues in our laboratories and will quickly bring economic stimulus to Canada,” said Gary Goodyear, minister of state (science and technology), in making the announcement. “With this funding, our scientists and researchers will have more modern work environments that will ultimately provide enhanced research and development.”

The following NRC facilities will receive upgrades:

· National Capital Region: NRC Institute for National Measurement Standards – $4 million; NRC Institute for Aerospace Research – $3.7 million; and 16 other NRC buildings in the National Capital Region will receive a total of $5.54 million.
· Newfoundland: NRC Institute for Ocean Technologies – $379,000.
· Nova Scotia: NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences – $36,000.
· Quebec: NRC Biotechnology Research Institute – $1.315 million; and NRC Industrial Materials Institute – $1.73 million.
· Ontario: NRC Institute for Research in Construction – $351,000.
· Manitoba: NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics – $362,000.
· Saskatchewan: NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute – $1.189 million.
· British Columbia: NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (Penticton) – $177,000; and NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (Victoria) – $281,000.

“Skilled scientists develop research and innovation capacity at the local level that help strengthen the Canadian economy by creating knowledge and commercializing technology,” said Dr. Pierre Coulombe, NRC president. “This investment will provide NRC researchers with better work environments, making it easier to develop innovative solutions for all Canadians in priority areas such as health and wellness, sustainable energy and the environment.”