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DuPont restructures Canadian operations

Mississauga, ON August 7, 2003 DuPont Canada today announced the plan to restructure its Canadian operations and its transformation to a new business model.

The company says the restructuring is being done to support the pending separation of DuPont Textiles & Interiors (DTI), planned by DuPont Canada’s global parent company, DuPont.

As part of this restructuring process, the existing company, DuPont Canada, will become part of global DTI, and will be called DuPont Textiles & Interiors Canada. The new company will comprise all Canadian DTI business operations, located primarily in Kingston and Maitland, ON, and non-DTI manufacturing operations of DuPont Canada, including the assets and resources associated with Engineering Polymers and Fluorochemicals at Maitland, Performance Coatings at Ajax, and Packaging and Industrial Polymers at Sarnia. The non-DTI operations will focus on manufacturing products exclusively for DuPont in Canada on a contract basis.

Concurrently, certain non-DTI assets of DuPont Canada will become part of DuPont and go into a new company to be named EI du Pont Canada. This new entity will pursue DuPont business interests in Canada and maintain a significant presence in the country. EI du Pont Canada will include: Liqui- Box (Canada); Granirex; Brookdale; marketing and sales of DuPont products (including those produced by the Contract Manufacturing division of DTI Canada); support services and TMH Logistics (TONA).

DuPont Canada’s research and business development facility and customer technical center in Kingston will also be part of EI du Pont Canada, as will the customer training center and product development laboratory in Ajax.

The new corporate structure will be fully operational by October 1, 2003.