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Distributor signed for genetic diagnostic practice

Toronto, ON — January 15, 2003 — Benetech Inc, and Shire Management Services have signed a contract making Benetech the North American representative for the Shire Genetic Software. Benetech will be performing sales and marketing activities for the Shire system, and providing technical support to Shire’s North American clients.

Shire’s very comprehensive Genetics LIS is the most widely used Genetics LIS in North America and includes modules for all aspects of genetic diagnostic practice – Cytogenetics, DNA testing, Biochemical testing, Genetic Counseling, Pedigree Management, and Prenatal Screening.

The patient database includes all the detailed information required for the reporting of Genetics test results including ethnicity and pedigree relationships. The pedigrees built in the Shire system can be exported to a pedigree drawing system. Shire automates sample management – samples are automatically added to work lists for each test ordered, ensuring smooth workflow.

Automatic merging with MSWord allows users to design their own letters and reports. Fully automated billing with over-write capabilities streamlines the collection of billing data and ensures that charges are posted for all billable procedures.