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Design work and relocation plans underway for new materials technology lab

Hamilton, ON – Detailed building design work is underway for the soon-to-be relocated CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory (CANMETMTL) from Ottawa to McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton.

In addition, an 18-member advisory board that includes representatives from industry, academia and government has been established to provide counsel on issues related to the relocation of the lab.

The relocation is intended to help CANMET-MTL reposition itself as a leader in research for the steel, pipeline, automotive materials and other metal manufacturing industries.

“The co-location of the CANMET personnel at the MIP, working along-side university and private-sector researchers, will strengthen Canada’s manufacturing sector,” said Dr Peter George, president of McMaster University. “At a time when our manufacturers are under so much pressure, combining private sector resources with those of government and universities will create a formidable force in materials and manufacturing.”

Following completion of the detailed building design, construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2008, with staff scheduled to relocate beginning April 2010.

The relocation advisory board is co-chaired by Geoff Munro, chief scientist, Natural Resources Canada, and Dr Peter George, president, McMaster University. Board members also include:

Private sector representatives:
– John Wood, director of innovation, GM Canada Ltd.;
– Don Pether, former chair, president, and CEO, Dofasco Inc.;
– John Naccarato, president, Casata Technologies Inc.;
– Dr Laurie Collins, director of research and development, IPSCO Canada;
– Swamy Kotagiri, vice-president, research, Cosma International;
– Joseph Liburdi, president, Liburdi Engineering Limited (Canada);
– Mark Stoddart, chief technology officer & executive vice president – Marketing, Linamar Corporation;
– Dr Hany Moustapha, senior fellow & manager, P&WC Technology & Collaboration Programs, Pratt and Whitney Canada;

Representatives of academia:
– Dr Mo Elbestawi, vice president, research and international affairs, McMaster University;
– Dr Ronald J Hugo, head of department of mechanical and manufacturing engineering, University of Calgary;
– Dr George Dixon, vice-president of university research, University of Waterloo;
– Prof Robin AL Drew, department of mining and materials engineering, McGill University;
– Dr Peter Frise, scientific director and CEO, AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence, University of Windsor;
– Dr John Hepburn, vice-president of research, University of British Columbia

Public sector representatives:
– Dr Alan Murray, professional leader – engineering, National Energy Board;
– Bob Civak, managing director, Ontario Centres of Excellence – Materials and Manufacturing