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Dectron expands lab to pursue growth in new chemical and biological gas filtration technology

Montreal, QC March 20, 2003 Circul-Aire, the air purification subsidiary of Dectron Internationale, is undertaking a significant modernization and expansion of its quality control, testing and R&D laboratory.

Prompted by last year’s record sales in replacement filtering media, the lab expansion doubles the testing capacity for the 38-year-old firm. “The growth in air filtration media and equipment highlights our belief that nowadays there is increased awareness for indoor air quality which will continue to escalate,” according to Ness Lakdawala, president and CEO of Dectron. “The facility expansion is crucial to the continued pursuit of industries such as airport terminals, office buildings, government buildings, morgues, clean rooms, and other applications worldwide,” he concludes.

The expansion and update will equip the laboratory to simulate more building conditions when custom-designing a gas phase filtration media mix for a client. For example, to simulate air that is laden with air contaminants commonly found at airports, the new lab can now accommodate the testing of similar conditions with equipment using surrogate gases, to assure the highest possible filtering efficiency.

The quality control sample testing system has also benefited and will have the ability to handle the increasing flow from both, newly manufactured media and on-site samples submitted by customers participating in Circul-Aire Tech-Chek program. R&D capacities are being augmented by the update as well. The R&D department says it aims to improve contaminant removal efficiencies, and increase the number of chemical filter media pellet combinations available.

International Water Makers, Dectron’s water-from-air generating subsidiary will also benefit from the increased R&D input. “IWM’s water generation technology will benefit from the lab expansion since air filtration is an important first step in generating clean, potable water,” says Brian Monk, VP sales and marketing for Circul-Aire.