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Cross-Canada seminar tour for Agilent GC/LC users

Mississauga, ON April 14, 2003 A series of free seminars highlighting useful information and practical tips to improve customer GC and LC analytical results in the laboratory is being held by Agilent Technologies. The seminars are available to Agilent customers across Canada from May 12 to 16, 2003.

The seminars are targeted to lab scientists who are interested in obtaining valuable information about gas and liquid chromatography applications, and speaking to industry experts.

"The GC/LC Seminar Tour will demonstrate practical secrets to improving GC and HPLC results," says Brian Smith, technical chromatography specialist at Agilent. "We are constantly looking for ways to optimize our customers’ lab performance. The purpose of these seminars is to educate them about new technologies, give them tips on how to increase their throughput and demonstrate new techniques that will enable them to become more productive in the lab."

Topics covered will include:

– installation, care and maintenance of capillary gc columns;

– the importance of accurate retention time in gas chromatography;

– the impact of same characteristics on gc method development;

– high throughput HPLC;

– method development by the numbers low, mid and high pH recommendations; and

– column choices for HPLC method development of proteins and peptides.

For more information and a schedule of dates and locations, please visit Agilent’s website at