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Company launches contract research firm

Montreal, QC – Venture capital firm AmorChem Financial has announced the launch of a new medicinal chemistry contract research company called NuChem Therapeutics.

NuChem Therapeutics has started operations at Montreal’s Biotechnology Research Institute. Dr Daniel Guay, formerly with Merck Canada and the Institut de Recherche en Immunologie et Cancérologie, has been chosen to lead the company, leading a team of seven scientists who also gained much of their experience at Merck Canada.

NuChem will initially focus on discovery projects chosen by the AmorChem fund, thereby enabling the fund to achieve its objective of commercializing research originating at Quebec-based universities and research institutes. NuChem will also expand its activities to offer its research services to outside clients.

“We are very pleased to have recruited Dr Guay to head this new venture, NuChem,” said Dr Inès Holzbaur, general partner at AmorChem. “We are confident that the experienced team he has assembled is well-positioned to add value to the projects of AmorChem requiring medicinal chemistry and help in the achievement of the fund’s investment goals.”