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Commitment gives more than $1M to two ethanol projects

Nipawin, SK – Two projects that support ethanol research and development in the province’s ethanol industry are receiving more than $1 million under the Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Partnership Agreement (WEPA).

Through the WEPA, the federal and provincial governments are providing $950,000 to the community of Nipawin toward a $2.1 million biomass-based ethanol commercialization initiative. The community will conduct the initiative using technology developed by the Saskatchewan Research Council. Additional funding of $100,000 is also being provided under the WEPA to the recently established Saskatchewan Ethanol Development Council.

The extensive, multi-year review at Nipawin includes technology development and plant design along with analysis of the environmental implications, feedstock availability and marketing potential. The objective is to come up with a business and engineering development plan that would enable production on a commercial scale, potentially leading to the establishment of a 75-million litre facility.

The new Saskatchewan Ethanol Development Council (EDC) has been set up to explore the potential for ethanol projects in Saskatchewan. The EDC will work with communities and other interested parties in advancing Saskatchewan’s ethanol industry. It is expected to play an important information and education role.