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College of Medicine in Saskatchewan embarks on six-year renewal plan

Saskatoon, SK — July 11, 2003 — Saskatchewan’s provincial government recently announced that it will increase funding to the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine to ensure ongoing accreditation of the college. The college and the academic health network have identified that the incremental cost to government will be approximately C$13 million by the sixth year of implementation. The money will be used to hire additional faculty and make library improvements.

The university and the network outlined a six-year renewal framework that will establish the College of Medicine on par with Canada’s top-quality medical colleges. The increased funding identified by the network this year is close to $1.5 million. The government has also accepted the renewal framework as the basis for financial and program planning for subsequent years.

“I congratulate the College of Medicine on its approach to improvement,” says Judy Junor learning minister with the Saskatchewan government. “Their new planning process, backed by the government’s commitment to increased funding, will ensure the College continues to play a vital role in health care education, research, policy and practice. All partners are confident this plan fulfills the requirements of the Committee on Accreditation.”

Saskatchewan Health says it will provide funding to hire additional clinical staff this year.

“We are extremely pleased that the government has endorsed our six-year strategy for the recruitment of faculty, expansion of research, enhancement of library and related resources and the extension of medical school programs,” says Peter MacKinnon, president of the University of Saskatchewan. “The immediate provision of first-year funding for this important initiative, coupled with a commitment to work co-operatively and expeditiously to finalize the full six-year funding plan, is precisely the response we require to address the College of Medicine’s probationary status. Even more, it sets the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine on a clear path of renewal and revitalization.”

The college is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.