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Biomedical scientist appointed to prestigious international forum

Guelph, ON – February 11, 2004 – A University of Guelph professor has been named a scientific co-ordinator for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a forum of 30 member countries that monitors economic trends and co-ordinates policy-making.

Allan King, with the department of biomedical sciences, will assist the OECD with its quality of animal products and safety of food research program, which includes food-safety issues related to cloned animals and genetically-modified animals.

"The idea is to use a solid scientific base to address societal concerns about the new animal biotechnologies," he says. "I’m interested in helping to make sure policies are based on science rather than perceptions or fears."

His position involves facilitating discussion through conferences, which later form the basis for policy recommendations related to innovation, sustainable agriculture or bioresource management. He is also responsible for reviewing applications for OECD fellowships that encourage researchers to build international research collaborations.