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Auto projects receive innovation funding

Oshawa, ON – Two auto industry projects have received funding from the federally sponsored Automotive Partnership Canada initiative.

The first project, to be carried out by researchers at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in partnership with General Motors of Canada, will focus on the development of a new technology to significantly reduce the energy required for automotive heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The project is receiving nearly $1.2 million in funding.

The second grant was awarded to a research project at the University of Toronto where, along with industry partner Vicicog, researchers will develop a new kind of transmission system that promises to boost vehicle fuel efficiency by as much as 15 percent. The project is receiving $284,000 in funding.

Automotive Partnership Canada is a five-year, $145 million initiative to support collaborative research and design. Research projects focus on areas such as reducing weight by using more plastic parts in engines, improving the efficiency of transmissions and advancing the state-of-the-art in longer-range electric vehicles. It involves funding from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council ($85 million), National Research Council ($30 million), Canada Foundation for Innovation ($15 million), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ($5 million), and Canada Excellence Research Chair Program ($10 million).