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Alberta scientists receive leadership awards

Edmonton, AB November 12, 2003 A 24-year-old graduate student and a professor in electrical and computer engineering at University of Alberta, received a total of $20,000 at the Alberta Science and Technology (ASTech) Awards. The ASTech Awards recognize and honour individuals making significant contributions to the science and technology community. Tim Poon received the 2003 Leaders of Tomorrow Award and Dr Michael Brett received the 2003 Outstanding Leadership in Alberta Technology Award for his profile in and contributions to technical innovation.

The ASTech judges commended Poon on his research, activities, and record of academic excellence. Poon is performing significant research in the field of wireless communications theory. He attended the 2003 International Space University Summer Session Program. He was selected as one of ten students from across Canada to receive full funding ($20,000) for this prestigious program sponsored by the European Space Agency.

The ASTech panel acknowledged Dr Brett for his technological sophistication, commercial impact, as well as the applicability of his research to a variety of industry sectors, international peer recognition, and overall contributions to Alberta technology. Dr Brett’s research is in thin-film processes for microelectronics and nanotechnology. His work has led to five issued patents and two major commercial spin-offs.

Dr Brett holds the prestigious Micralayne/NSERC Senior Industrial Research Chair. He is an iCore professor in nanotechnology, and a past holder of the Killam Annual Professorship and a McCalla Research Professorship.