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Acsys Biometrics and Purdue University create advanced biometrics laboratory

Burlington, ON April 28, 2003 Acsys Biometrics, a subsidiary of Nexus Group International, says it has expanded its ties to academia by providing its leading edge face recognition technology to Purdue University of West Lafayette, Indiana for integration into Purdue’s School of Technology’s Biometric Laboratory and future deployment on campus.

Through a university research award from Acsys Biometrics, Purdue has received Acsys Biometrics software technology for the university’s new biometrics laboratory. Researchers at the laboratory will use the technology to teach technology students about the development of advanced neural net applications for use in the biometric applications like face recognition.

The software is based on holographic quantum neural technology (HneT), modeled on the workings of the human brain. The technology is developed to the point that a large number of holographic/quantum neural cells can be combined into cell assemblies that mimic the structure found in human cortex, thus creating a synthetic learning structure or “artificial intelligence”.