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$333M awarded by CFI for research infrastructure

Ottawa, ON – The federal government has announced a $333-million in funding for new research infrastructure through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) Innovation Fund. Canadian researchers across the country will build upon their advanced knowledge in areas ranging from mood disorders and robotics to food security and the search for rare diseases.

The funding will equip universities, colleges and research hospitals across the country with state-of-the-art tools and laboratories.

In all, $256 million will support 52 research institutions across Canada through the CFI’s Innovation Fund, with an additional $77 million to operate and maintain research infrastructure.

“In today’s highly competitive research environment, the nation’s researchers need access to the best tools and facilities that will make them stand out,” said Gilles Patry, president and CEO, CFI. “The Innovation Fund puts them on a path to achieve prominence in the global research enterprise while ensuring their results deliver tangible benefits to Canadians.”

A list of projects awarded is attached to the right.