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$230M investment to boost future research capabilities

London, ON -The University of Western Ontario says it is undergoing a $230-million expansion of space over the next seven years to help ensure its position as a research-intensive university.

The long-range plan includes 15 major construction, renovation, and relocation projects that will be carried out in a staged approach with completion scheduled for 2013. Four of the projects were recently approved, seven received prior approval, and the remaining five will be considered in future budgets.

“The $230 million investment will create approximately 70,000 new sq m of space for classrooms, labs and other university priorities,” says Paul Davenport, the university’s president. “Funds will also be used to renovate approximately 85,000 sq m of existing space to bring it up to the standards required for excellence in teaching and research.”

The four new projects include the construction of a new Bio-Engineering Building, among others. Projects previously approved include the Biotron, an environmental science and climate change research facility, which is already under construction.