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$1M funding for research into biomarkers that predict vital organ failure

Vancouver, BC – Pfizer Canada and the PROOF (PRevention Of Organ Failure) Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research are teaming up in the fight against vital organ failure (heart, lung and kidney). Pfizer Canada will contribute $1 million to the PROOF Centre to fund research into biomarkers – biological molecules that indicate disease – which are at the core of the march towards more personalized health care.

The funding will go towards new biomarker initiatives in which the PROOF Centre will be engaging in shortly, and eventually will expand to cover relevant projects that are led by the centre focusing on the translation of biomarkers into clinical practice.

“Efforts to create an environment conducive to research and development investments are continuing in British Columbia,” says Paul Levesque, president of Pfizer Canada. “Pfizer is proud to contribute to the research capacity in British Columbia by supporting this PROOF initiative, which is being led by an exceptional group of scientists and clinicians.”

The PROOF Centre, hosted by the University of British Columbia, was one of 11 Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research announced by the federal government in February 2008 when it received nearly $15 million in federal funding through the Networks of Centres of Excellence ( The PROOF Centre’s goal is to move away from drug-only strategies towards biomarker-guided prevention and effective early detection of primary diseases that cause organ failure. By speeding up the commercialization process, the PROOF Centre hopes to make their discoveries part of daily medical practice as quickly as possible.

“The PROOF Centre is committed to leading the way in personalized healthcare for the reduction of heart, lung and kidney disease,” said Dr. Bruce McManus, director of the centre. “This additional funding from Pfizer Canada will help us greatly to make significant strides.”