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New innovation program gives out first funding allocations

Montreal, QC – One hundred and thirty research projects received funding today from a new program being offered by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The program, called the Leaders Opportunity Fund, is intended to provide universities with more flexibility in attracting top-notch international researchers.

A total $23.6 million worth of funding was announced today for 145 researchers at 35 institutions across Canada.

“Investing in cutting-edge labs, equipment, and technology has transformed Canada’s research landscape over the past decade,” says Dr Eliot Phillipson, president and CEO of the CFI. “The CFI has, through this new LOF program, ensured that we keep pace with this transformation to ensure Canadian research institutions and their researchers remain world class.”

The funding consists of $19.7 million being awarded under the LOF, along with $3.9 million under an accompanying infrastructure program that assists universities with the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with new projects.

A complete list of the projects funded to date is available at