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Innovation foundation unveils $24M in infrastructure support

Victoria, BC – A total of 120 projects in 41 universities across the country have received funding support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

“Canada’s researchers have made outstanding contributions to the development of innovation in this country,” says David Emerson, minister of industry. “The success of the CFI’s new opportunities fund is helping to improve Canada’s research performance. The investments announced today will continue to ensure Canada’s place among the most innovative countries in the world.”

The fund enables eligible universities to provide research infrastructure for newly recruited faculty members, so that these researchers can undertake leading-edge research. The fund also allows the institutions to recruit new faculty members in their priority research areas.

A total of $23.8 million was allocated through two funds: $18.3 million under the new opportunities fund; and $5.5 million under the infrastructure operating fund which assists universities with the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with new infrastructure projects.

Following is a partial list of funding recipients, covering projects in science, technology and medical research.

Acadia University
– Laboratory for Eukaryotic Microbiology and Parasitology, $153,369

Bishop’s University
– Multiple Camera System for Spatiotemporal Modeling of a Changing Environment, $42,821

Brock University
– The Impact of Childhood Obesity on Cardiovascular Health: Arterial Stiffness, Baroreflex Sensitivity and Left Ventricular Structure and Function, $65,023

Carleton University
– A Functional Genomics Facility to Study the Process of Translation, $177,840

Dalhousie University
– A High Performance Computer Cluster for Microbial Phylogenomics, $87,925
– Gene and Protein Expression Contributing to Repair and Regenerative Mechanisms after Traumatic Injury to Spinal Cord and Skeletal Muscle, $125,279
– Infrastructure for Innovative Approaches to Proteomics Analysis, $177,698
– Modern Laboratory Installation to Support Innovative Research in Synthetic Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, $125,000
– Research Laboratory for Biofilm Control, $136,779

cole Polytechnique de Montral
– Experimental Platform for Quantum Cryptography in Optical Fibres, 358,654$
– Infrastructure for Magnetotransport and Dpin Dynamics Measurements from DC to 44 GHz, 398,647$
– Laboratoire de mcanobiologie pdiatrique, 284,678$
– Laboratoire de recherche et d’innovations en surveillance par ordinateur en temps rel, 398,274$
– quipements de laboratoire pour le dveloppement de mthodes novatrices de conception et de rhabilitation des grands ouvrages de gnie civil, 1,317,987$

Laurentian University / Universit Laurentienne
– A CPU/GPU Cluster for Real-time Dynamic Scene Analysis and Synthesis, $16,080
– Molecular Weight Determination of Well-defined Stimuli Responsive, Carbohydrate-derived Polymers Prepared by Living Radical Polymerization – Triple Detection Gel Permeation Chromatography, $48,443
– Polyolefin Synthesis Facilities, $58,796

McGill University
– A Linux Parallel Computational Platform for the Understanding and Modelling of Stratospheric Chemical Composition and Climate Changes, $185,813
– Extracellular Matrix Biology, $280,000
– Infrastructure for Evolving and Verifying Complex Medical Software Systems, $157,656
– Reacting Flow Control and Analysis System for Liquid Biofuel Conversion and Unsteady State Production of Hydrogen, $118,234
– Spectroscopy Facility to Investigate Structural and Dynamic Aspects of Protein/Nucleic Acid/Lipid Membrane Interactions at the Single Molecule and Ensemble Level, $202,800

McMaster University
– A Mass Spectrometry System for the Determination of Protein Complexes, Structures and Modifications, $170,000
– Analysis of Immune Gene Regulation in Animal Models of Psychiatric Illness, $94,915
– Facility for Studies of Optical Self-trapping in Photochemical Systems, $120,000

Memorial University of Newfoundland
– NMR Spectrometer for High Resolution Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins, $703,065
– Pushing the Limits of Cantilever-based Sensors, $192,624

Mount Saint Vincent University
– Research Infrastructure for Synthesis and Applications of Novel Phosphine Chalcogenide Ligands in Late Transition Metal Catalysts, $44,712

Okanagan University College
– Mathematical Biology Spatial Computation Laboratory, $50,240

Queen’s University
– Characterization of Innovative Infrastructure Materials and Assemblies at Extreme Temperatures, $104,468
– Data-intensive Research in Biomedical Computing, $220,000
– Malleable, Cost-effective, High-performance Computing Systems, $100,000

Simon Fraser University
– Deep Silicon Etching and Polymer Microstructuring for Microinstrument Components and Assembly, $200,000
– Laboratory for Applied Bose-Einstein Condensation, $150,000
– Multiport Device Measurement and Characterization, $120,000
– Scanning Hall-probe Microscope and Dilution Refrigerator System, $200,000

Trent University
– Establishment of an AAS and CNS Facility for Forest Biogeochemistry Research, $86,892
– Infrastructure for the Establishment of an Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology Laboratory, $90,907

Universit Laval
– Advanced Facility for the Analysis of Microbial Biodiversity in Cold Ocean Ecosystems, 143,931$
– Construction of Strong Reaction Floor and Frame Equipped for Testing Full-size Linear, Planar, and 3D Components and Assemblies for Timber-frame Houses, 130,098$
– Fiabilit et scurit des systmes informatiques, 22,217$
– Infrastructure to Study the Molecular Regulation of Steroidogenesis and Oncogenesis in the Reproductive System, 99,587$
– Laboratoire de pointe pour l’application de nouvelles solutions non-invasives au transport de mdicaments au cerveau, 147,202$
– Plateforme d’analyse fine en gnomique fonctionnelle, 114,836$
– Plateforme d’analyse des nanomatriaux appliqus au traitement de la pollution d’origine agricole et agroalimentaire, 149,999$
– The Laboratory for In Vivo Bioluminescent Imaging of Brain Damage and Repair, 123,370$

Universit de Moncton
– Molecular High-throughput Infrastructure to Characterize Biocontrol Agents: from Ecological Functions to Biotechnological Applications, 235,490$

Universit de Montral
– “Biomimetic Complexes for Nitrous Oxide Reductase” and “Synthesis and Reactivity of Ansa-Chromocene Complexes”, 140,151$
– A laboratory for Experimental Software Engineering to Evaluate Online Static Analyses and Program Understanding Techniques that Support Program Maintenance and Development, 144,856$
– Activit neurale et dveloppement des rseaux moteurs chez les mammifres : de la cellule au comportement, 176,889$
– Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms of Idiopathic Epilepsies, 192,728$
– Immunobiology of the Human Blood-Brain Barrier in Multiple Sclerosis, 198,330$
– La spectro-rflectomtrie oculaire dans le dveloppement de nouvelles technologies non invasives de diagnostic et investigation, 125,218$
– Nouveau laboratoire de spectroscopie infrarouge pour l’tude dynamique des matriaux, 172,230$
– laboration d’un lot de visualisation pour l’tude, l’analyse et la comparaison de structures biologiques complexes, 54,198$

Universit de Sherbrooke
– Chemical Beam Epitaxy Facility, 320,678$
– Deciphering a Newly Discovered and Essential RNA-based Regulatory Mechanism: the Guanine Riboswitch of Bacillus Subtilis, 143,916$

Universit du QC cole de technologie suprieure
– Cration d’un laboratoire d’ingnierie de l’orthopdie/traumatologie (LIOT) en milieu hospitalier, 190,446$

Universit du QC Institut national de la rech. scientifique
– Establishment of a Facility for Physical, Numerical and Geophysical Simulation in Structural Geology and Geodynamics applied to Mineral and Petroleum Exploration, 243,098$

Universit du Qubec en Abitibi-Tmiscamingue
– Labora
toire de caractrisation de la migration des gaz en milieu poreux, 60,537$

Universit du Qubec Montral
– Le rle de la vision et de l’audition dans la production de la parole, 185,205$

University College of Cape Breton
– Estuary Bioassessment Laboratory, $53,979
– Wireless Transceivers Laboratory, $59,998

University College of the Cariboo
– Biocatalyst and Bioproduct Development Facility, $122,159

University of Alberta
– Development of a Biocatalytic Suite for the Processing of Value-added Agricultural Commodities, $146,648

University of Calgary (The)
– Environmental Chamber Facility for Testing Structures Built/Repaired Using Innovative Materials and Systems, $274,680
– Micro Engineering, Dynamics and Automation Laboratory (MEDAL), $244,143
– The Establishment of a Facility for Catalytic Research with Applications in Energy and the Environment, $440,784

University of Guelph
– Carbohydrate Structural Analysis, $79,448
– Computer Intensive Methods For Labor and Applied Welfare Economics, $70,533
– Infrastructure for an Integrative Nutritional Sciences and Metabolic Physiology Laboratory: Establishment of a Metabolic Biomarker and Adipokine Facility, $116,611
– Infrastructure to Study the Mechanisms Regulating Nutrient Utilization in Ruminants, $118,275
– Laboratory for the Study of Molecular Endocrinology and Immunology in Poultry, $124,627

University of Lethbridge (The)
– Research Facility for Laboratory Spectroscopy of Terrestrial and Outer Planetary Molecules, $117,904

University of Manitoba (The)
– Lipids and Atherosclerosis Research Laboratory, $99,499
– Manitoba Research Center for mRNA Splicing, $96,445
– Wireless Sensor Network Laboratory, $89,346

University of New Brunswick
– Infrastructure for the Assessment of Interlimb Coordination, $28,433
– Infrastructure for Wood Adhesives and Composites Research and Development Laboratory, $87,491
– Synthesis and Study of Reactive Materials and Intermediates, $176,571

University of Northern British Columbia
– Effects of Aging on Arteriole Tone, Reactivity and Blood Flow Control in Skeletal Muscle, $128,382

University of Ontario Institute of Technology
– Centre for Engineering Design, Automation, and Robotics (CEDAR), $87,109
– Computational Science and Visualization Laboratory (CSVL), $50,000

University of Ottawa / Universit d’Ottawa
– The Proteomics Research and DiagnostiC Technology (PREDICT) Studio, $103,000

University of Prince Edward Island
– Genomic Exploration of the Health Impact of Bioactive Compounds from Blueberry, Cranberry and Marine Algae, $71,650

University of Saskatchewan
– Data-driven Geometric Modeling, $42,928
– Facilities for In Vivo and In Vitro Studies of Nutrient Utilization in Large Ruminants, $57,000
– Functional Genomics of Algal Photosynthesis and Biodiversity, $78,000
– Precision Fluid Manipulation Laboratory, $73,768

University of Toronto
– Adolescent Depressive Vulnerability through the Lens of Face-to-Face and Day-to-Day Social Interaction, $59,422
– Fast Spectroscopic Techniques and Inert Atmosphere Equipment for New Developments in Homogeneous Catalysis, $103,023
– Laboratory for Forest Genomics, $200,000
– Semi-synthetic Tools to Study Glycosaminoglycans, $168,219
– The Quantitative Biology Laboratory: Infrastructure for Quantitative Studies of Gene Expression and Regulation, $191,039

University of Victoria
– A High Performance System for the Reduction, Analysis and Simulation of Massive Astronomical Data Sets, $81,920
– Collaborative Marine Visualisation and Spatial Analysis Lab, $149,159
– Enabling Advanced Underwater Vehicle Technology Development at the University of Victoria, $144,067
– Infrastructure requirement for research facility on sustainable livelihoods and communities in developing countries, $60,154
– Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Facility for the Analysis of Earth Materials, $162,532
– Laboratory for Microfluidic Transport Phenomena, $162,756

University of Waterloo
– A Facility to Develop Novel Micro Devices and Analysis Tools for Biomedical, Environmental and Safety Applications, $193,434
– Facility for the Design of Nanometer Integrated Circuits and Design Automation, $70,000
– Investigation of Knee Joint Loading Patterns Following Injury and their Influence on Articular Cartilage Remodelling, $124,900
– Research Facility to Study the Genetic/Physiological Determinants of Metabolic Rate and Obesity, $191,457

University of Western Ontario (The)
– A State-of-the-art Computer Controlled Triaxial Stress-Path Apparatus for Geotechnical Engineering Research, $116,286
– Advances in the use of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Technology in the Treatment of Heart Disease, $136,257
– An Applied Research Laboratory for Aging and Community Health, $127,863
– Infant Hearing Aid Technology Laboratory (IHAT), $70,009
– Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of the Innate Immune Response in the Development of Type 1 Diabetes, $256,063
– Mutation Load Index: Critical Parameters of DNA Damage Relevant to Aging, Cancer and Neurodegeneration, $204,874
– Regulation of DNA Processing Events, $239,736

York University
– Infrastructure to Support Research in the Areas of Bacterial and Viral Infection, $211,543