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Health funding gets $262 million boost

Edmonton, AB – The Alberta government says it is allocating $262 million in additional health funding for its 2006-07 health budget.

Funds totaling $150 million will be used by the regional health authorities (RHAs) and the Alberta Cancer Board for diagnostic/medical equipment. While each RHA prioritizes their region’s equipment purchases, this funding will help improve overall access to new or replacement state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, laboratory, medical and surgical equipment that can result in reduced wait times, earlier detection and more effective treatment outcomes.

Additional operating funding totalling $112 million will go to the nine regional health authorities RHAs and the Alberta Cancer Board to address cost pressures and the impact of the licensed practical nurses’ mediated settlement.

The operating funding represents an additional two per cent budget increase, bringing the overall operating increase that the Health Authorities will receive this fiscal year to an average of eight per cent, or a total of over $6 billion.