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Diabetes researcher receives funding from charitable foundation

The Winnipeg Cosmopolitan Club presented $40,000 to the University of Manitoba, on behalf of the Cosmopolitan Foundation Canada for diabetes research.

Each year Cosmopolitan clubs in Western Canada undertake fund-raising activities to support research projects in search for a cure for diabetes. These funds are distributed through the foundation. Over $750,000 has been awarded to universities in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba since 1984.

A project submitted by Dr Gregoire Nyomba, internal medicine, was selected to receive this year’s grant of $40,000. The grant was given to support his research on the affects of maternal factors on post-natal glucose metabolism in offspring.

"I believe that this is the first time since the inception of the Cosmopolitan Foundation Canada that so large a sum has been presented to the University of Manitoba for research involving diabetes," said Gary Wensel, Western Canada Cosmopolitan governor, at the cheque presentation.

Cosmopolitan International is a chartered not-for-profit civic service organization that was founded in 1918.