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Cantest acquires specialty analytical laboratory

Burnaby, BC – Life sciences and contract research company Cantest says it has acquired Elemental Research, a highly specialized, North Vancouver-based laboratory, which primarily services the pharmaceutical market.

The company says the acquisition of ERI is another step in the expansion of Cantest’s biopharma services group. The purchase was preceded by a $1.5-million investment in two API 5000 LC-MS/MS systems in January, the acquisition of controlling interest in Prime Trials, a clinical trial facility, in February and the establishment of a biopharmaceutics group in March.

“ERI augments our biopharma services group by increasing the capacity within our bioanalytical group and allowing us to offer material science testing services to those in the pharmaceutical, medical device and packaging sectors.” says Don Enns, the company’s president and CEO. “The capabilities added can also be utilized in other lines of our business, which will accelerate our growth and go hand-in-hand with the expansion of our existing facility in Burnaby.

The company also says that Dr David Gray, former president of ERI, has agreed to join Cantest as laboratory director for the biopharma services group.