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Canadian stroke expert elected vice-president of World Federation Of Neurology

London, ON – Leading Canadian stroke expert, Dr Vladimir Hachinski, has been elected vice-president of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN).

Dr Hachinski, professor of neurology at the University of Western Ontario’s Schulich School and neurologist at London Health Sciences Centre, has dedicated his career to studying neurological diseases such as stroke, which represent the leading cause of disability in developed countries. He will serve a four-year term as vice-president.

“Stroke is a global epidemic that threatens lives, health, and quality of life,” he says. “In this role, I hope to make the prevention of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease a top priority of the World Federation of Neurology,”

He served as joint-chair at the 2004 World Stroke Congress to bring together leading experts in the field to discuss global solutions and declare World Stroke Day. He has recently been made an honorary member of the French Neurological Society and was visiting professor at Harvard Medical School.

The WFN comprises 93 neurological associations of member countries and represents over 26,000 neurologists worldwide. Its main goals are to educate and help implement the best treatment and prevention of neurological diseases.