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Canada’s independent lab association announces leadership award winners

Kelowna, BC – The Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories has announced the recipients of the 2015 CCIL Leadership Awards, Todd Strynadka and the the B.C. Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association.

Both are being recognized for their leadership roles in helping CCIL establish laboratory certification programs in B.C. for asphalt and aggregate testing, along with safeguarding the public and the environment.

“Todd was an early advocate of certification, and his unwavering support and tireless commitment to the program helped make it a reality,” said Gordon Leaman, CCIL’s president. “The B.C. Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association was also a positive force in promoting laboratory certification in the industry.”

CCIL certification ensures that a laboratory and its staff meet competency standards and that its test results and reports are precise, accurate and reliable. Certification is critical to the construction industry as it gives contractors and owners confidence in the findings, reduces disputes and project delays, and results in better decision-making.

CCIL certifies asphalt, aggregate and concrete testing laboratories and technicians. It says it is the largest laboratory certification company in Canada and the only one that provides certification programs for highway construction materials.

In B.C., these programs have resulted in a total of 66 laboratories and 588 technicians certified to date.

The awards were presented at the Fall Conference of the B.C. Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association held in Kelowna. Jack Davidson, President, accepted on behalf of the association. Todd Strynadka, Technical Services Manager at Terus Construction Ltd., was present to accept his award.

CCIL represents the private-sector, independent testing laboratories in Canada.