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Award program to boost innovative use of flow cytometers

Ann Arbor, MI – Life science manufacturer Accuri Cytometers has awarded its first Accuri Flow Cytometer Creativity Award to Heather Newkirk, Ph.D. The twice-yearly program – which is open to scientists around the world – was created to foster innovative research that taps the unrealized potential of flow cytometry and expands its use to novel applications that are newly possible as a result of the capabilities of the Accuri C6 flow cytometer system. The award is a free system for the winner to keep, along with a one-year warranty.

Dr Newkirk is executive director of business development and quality assurance/regulatory affairs at Clinical Reference Laboratory and an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She plans to use bead-based assays to detect direct genomic translocations, an approach that could be applied to a myriad of genomic rearrangements, including detecting specific translocations in certain cancers.

“Flow cytometry offers researchers the chance to innovate in the design of a variety of assays, and I am excited by the opportunity to develop new assays to be performed on the C6 flow cytometer,” she says. “It is encouraging to see that flow cytometry has been translated into a user-friendly, lower-cost system with the invention of the C6.”

More information about the next award is available on the company’s website at