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Alberta and Korea finding common ground in science and technology

Edmonton, AB – June 21, 2004 – Alberta and South Korea have a new agreement to work together on science and technology related projects.

A letter of intent was signed in Seoul earlier this month by the province’s premier, Ralph Klein, and Republic of Korea ministry of science and technology representative, Im Sang-gyo.

The letter of intent outlines several ways in which Korea and Alberta will work together on common areas of interest in science and technology research and development. The areas include:

– Identifying and facilitating joint research projects and collaborations in the areas of energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology and other innovative technologies.
– Establishing a Technology Forum or other mechanism for scientists and researchers from both jurisdictions to share ideas and discuss potential projects.
– Establishing a working group, which will meet every year alternatively in Alberta and Korea to review the progress and to discuss and adopt new cooperative projects.

The agreement also includes a commitment to develop a longer-term work plan to sustain joint initiatives in advanced technology areas.