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$48.5M funding for microsystems research

Ottawa, ON – The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), says it will provide $48.5 million over five years to CMC Microsystems to accelerate the development of Canadian-made microsystems for key economic sectors including health care, security, environment, aerospace, automotive and natural resources.

CMC provides academics with tools that are state of the art in industry to move theory into practical applications. Through its network of more than 40 universities, CMC makes it possible for some 2,400 researchers and graduate students to design, manufacture and test prototype microsystems. As a result of cash and in-kind contributions from industry and other sources, the total program value will be more than $100 million.

“The investment in this world-class organization will play an important role in making Canada more competitive in microsystems, a key technology for the 21st century,” says David Emerson, federal minister of industry and minister responsible for NSERC. “The students who benefit from this national program will create innovative new products and services as microsystems become ever more inexpensive and ubiquitous, especially in areas like health care and security.”

“This high level of support reflects CMC’s outstanding track record in delivering valuable assistance to researchers and students and in fostering private sector commitment to research and innovation,” said Nigel Lloyd, NSERC’s executive vice-president and CEO. “By 2010, the number of researchers and students assisted by CMC is expected to grow by almost 50% to over 3,600 as more mechanical engineers, physicists, chemists and medical scientists join the computer engineers in harnessing the possibilities of microsystems.”